Mission and Vision

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The Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform in Lebanon (OMSAR) aspire for an effective, efficient, transparent and accountable public administration that promotes the socio-economic development process across Lebanon and that responds to the demands of the citizens and business community under the rule of law. The sought administration will utilize the latest technologies to better serve its beneficiaries and will hire, keep and develop the skills of talented and competent human resources that are driven by the public interest and the customer-service spirit.


The Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) is a government organization that seeks to develop the institutional and technical capacities of the Lebanese ministries, central bodies, public agencies and municipalities. OMSAR is in charge of: assessing their reform and development needs; devising and updating administrative reform and e-Government strategies; identifying, implementing and evaluating development projects that translate the strategies into action; conducting organizational and legal studies; streamlining work procedures; and training civil servants. OMSAR is keen to remain responsive to the demands of the Lebanese administrations and to modernize them by building effective partnerships with them as well as with international donors, non-government organizations and the civil society.
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