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Our Sites
  • http://afkar.omsar.gov.lb

    Afkar program, funded by the European Union, aims at the strengthening of the action of the Lebanese civil society in favor of the respect of civil and political rights, and the consolidation of the Rule of Law. It finances NGOs’ projects, and conducts trainings and follow-up activities

  • http://bgo.omsar.gov.lb

    The Solid Waste Management Program is financed by the European Union and managed by OMSAR. The program objective is to assist Municipalities, Unions and Groupings of Municipalities in the different fields of Solid Waste Management. The project finances the procurement of waste handling, collection and transport equipment, construction of waste treatment facilities and awareness campaigns.

  • http://www.studies.gov.lb

    This site includes a large number of studies and projects (in Arabic, French, and English) relative to the public sector in Lebanon. These studies and projects were prepared by Lebanese administrations and public agencies, regional and international organizations, the private sector institutions, universities and civil bodies, and advisory companies

  • http://www.informs.gov.lb

    Informs includes an inventory of government procedures related to the public, a detailed list comprising the addresses and phone numbers of various administrations and institutions, fast links that answer citizens’ needs such as: public transport, yearly car registration fees (mécanique), official holidays

  • http://www.e-gateway.gov.lb

    The National e-Strategy for Lebanon is a foundation project aiming to define an ICT vision for Lebanon, and to provide a coherent framework linking all ongoing as well as planned ICT project across all sectors under one unifying umbrella. It presents an opportunity to bring together Lebanese human, technological, and financial resources, including those of the Lebanese Diaspora, in order to harness ICTs to achieve greater economic wealth and social well-being

  • http://www.charaka.gov.lb

    Charaka is a project funded by the EU and Managed by OMSAR . It works with 12 municipal clusters that gather around 220 municipalities. The major objective of CHARAKA is the creation of local development offices which is the basis of the participative planning that has started with the 12 clusters , and the creation of a decentralized cooperation between the those municipal clusters and their European counterparts

  • http://www.gislebanon.gov.lb

    The Lebanese GIS Portal is a gateway to Web-based geospatial information and information services. It enables you to discover, view and access geospatial information and services made available by their sources. Likewise, if you are a source of such information and services it enables you to make your geospatial information and services discoverable, viewable and accessible by others

  • http://hrdevelopment.omsar.gov.lb/

    Strengthening the Human Resources Management Capacities Project aims at facilitating the implementation of the part of the "Strategy for Reform and Development of the Public Administration inLebanon" that deals with the HR component. The project will analyse the existing situation and will recommend feasible actions to be adopted by the CSB, MOSA, MOT, MOPH and MOI.

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