Projects Under Modern Management Techniques

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Projects to be funded by the Arab Fund loan, that fulfill the Administrative Reform Plan objectives developed by OMSAR (In green are the projects that have been implemented or prepared in 2009)

Objectives/Programs Establish modern management skills in central departments Improve access to public services and create a responsive administration to citizens needs Review and update legal texts and structures of departments and public institutions
Development of human resources in public administration 1. Management training
3. IT Training
4. Support the adoption of a system to adjust the working schedule for public sector employees
  2. Support the establishment of Human Resources Management units
Supporting projects concerning the application of the e-Government Program 5. Day-to-day update of ICT standards in public administrations 6. Development of the e-Government Portal 7. Support the creation of an electronic signatures body that will emerge from the electronic trading law
8. Develop an Interoperability Framework  
9. Procure IT equipments and communication networks for public institutions and departments 10. Develop websites’ criteria and standards  
  11. توحيد مواصفات إستمارات المعاملات الإدارية  
Activating public resources management, introducing the quality management concept and adopting effective mechanisms to combat corruption 12. Study and identify public administration’s activities and functions that can be converted into Private Sector Outsourcing 13. Project for the modernization of public procurements/tenders law and management 14. Support the establishment of control units in the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport
15. Introduce quality management systems to public administrations  
Completion of projects implemented through Arab Fund loan No. 325/96 16. Automation project for the National Social Security Fund based on the general master plan
17. Complete the overall automation of the Cooperative of Government Employees
18. Complete the automation project of work permits in the Ministry of Labour
19. Complete the automation project of the commercial register in the Ministry of Justice
20. Complete the automation project of transactions process at the Presidency of Council of Ministers
Completion of the mechanism to meet administrations needs 21. This program will implement projects that may fall within any of the objectives mentioned above, according to the projects selection mechanism
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