Steps for hosting a Lebanese Government website with OMSAR

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OMSAR provides a variety of web-related services to all Lebanese government and public institutions. The services include regular web hosting, Microsoft Office SharePoint server web hosting, website design and development, web consulting services and website evaluation and assessment. The present document outlines the pre-requisites and detailed steps to host a Lebanese government website with OMSAR. Note that websites developed using an open source language (such as PHP) cannot be hosted with OMSAR at the moment due to technical limitations.

Summary of Activities

The table below summarizes the activities that need to be executed to complete the hosting of a Lebanese government website with OMSAR. Details for each activity are outlined in the “detailed steps” section.
Activity Responsible Follow up with Expected time frame
1- Initial Steps and Pre-requisites  Beneficiary OMSAR Depending on speed of process
2- Acquire and Register a Domain Name  Beneficiary MOET, AUB, OMSAR One to two months
3- Fill and send the OMSAR hosting request forms  Beneficiary OMSAR 5 to 10 working days
4- Deploy website OMSAR Beneficiary 2 to 5 working days (if no errors appear)
Total Expected Time 2 (two) months from start of Activity 1
Note:Activities 2 and 3 may be done in parallel to reduce the total expected time.


Detailed Steps


Activity 1: Initial Steps and Pre-requisites

  • 1- Review the requirements for hosting a website with OMSAR document (Annex A). The website’s underlying technology should be consistent with OMSAR’s hosting setup and supported technologies. As explained in the introduction, websites based on open source languages, such as PHP-based websites cannot be hosted with OMSAR.
  • 2- Internally appoint a technical coordinator to follow up on all related issues. It is advisable that this technical person become the appointed coordinator with OMSAR for hosting the site (For more details refer to activity 3).

Note: The beneficiary must either have the site already developed or have engaged with a company to develop it. This company may also take the responsibility of registering the domain (activity 2) based on the agreed upon terms.

Activity 2: Acquire and Register a Domain Name

  • 1- Choose the domain name. The domain name should be part of the class. Requests for websites having 2- domain classes part of,, or simply .gov classes will not be accepted by OMSAR.
  • 3- Apply for the domain trademark at the Ministry of Economy and Trade (MOET)
  • 6- Register the domain name with AUB (Lebanon’s DNS Registrar)
    • 7- Follow the steps of the domain registration guide (Annex B)
    • 8-Fill The LBDR A and LBDR E forms and have them signed by the Minister or Director General (with the Ministry/Institution‘s official stamp)
    • 9-Fax or email the signed copies of the LBDR A and LBDR E forms as follows:
10-Email a scanned copy to Fax to 961-1-744473 (attention Mr. Nabil Bukhalid)
    • 11-Email the forms LBDR B and LBDR C to the domain guardian (Mr. Nabil Bukhalid at AUB:, samples of LBDR B and LBDR C are made available in Annex LB and Annex LC). All emails need to be in PLAIN TEXT format (no HTML or formatting in the email should be used). The best way to ensure that the mail is in plain text is to write it first in NOTEPAD and copy it to a blank email. Also make sure that the option plain text is specified in the message type (this is a property of the mail software you use).

    • Note: in LBDR B, you will need to specify the domain name servers (see points vi and vii below).
    • 12- After AUB receives all required documents, allow 7 to 10 working days for domain activation.
    • 13-The domain name servers can be provided to you by the company developing your website (who may register the domain for you and in that case they will handle all the steps of Activity 2) or by OMSAR (see step vii).
    • should you decide to host the domain with OMSAR, the name servers are:
NameServer (


Activity 3: Fill and send the OMSAR hosting request forms

  • 1-Send Official Request Form (Form A)
    • 2- Officially nominate and appoint a coordinator from the beneficiary’s side as a technical counterpart with OMSAR. 3- The coordinator must be available at all times to handle issues pertaining to the entity’s website. The nomination of the coordinator should be sent to the OMSAR in an official request (as per Form A).
    • This form should be filled, signed by the Minister or Director General and sent via the proper official channels to OMSAR
  • 4- Fill and Send Technical Specification Sheet (Form B)
    • This form should be filled by the technical team (developers or IT staff) and sent via email ( or by fax (961 1 371599) to OMSAR’s web development team
    • 5- Allow 5 to 10 working days for both forms to be processed.

Activity 4: Deploy website

1- After the website has been fully developed and tested, the coordinator is required to follow up with OMSAR’s web hosting team for the deployment and upload of the website files (OMSAR contact information is listed below).
  • 2- Contact OMSAR web hosting team for FTP Access 
    • 3- You should get an email with the FTP credentials (FTP site, username and password) within 2 working days
  • 4- Use the FTP account provided by OMSAR to upload the website files to your assigned directory
  • 5- Coordinate with OMSAR web hosting team for configuration and deployment
  • 6- Notify OMSAR web hosting team about the uploading of the files
  • 7- The OMSAR web hosting team will configure the website as required
  • 8- Jointly perform required testing on the website prior to launching
  • 9- An official reply letter will be sent to the beneficiary after the end of Activity 4.
Note: The minimum expected time for the website launching is 2 months from the start of Activity 1. Some of the administrative procedures described above take time, and the technical setup and testing needs to be properly handled and managed to avoid any errors or problems in the future. The OMSAR web hosting team can be reached on:
  • Telephone: 01-371510 ext. 669 or ext 181
  • Email:
  • Fax: 01-371599
  • Via the OMSAR website:

List of Related documentation

  • Annex A: OMSAR’s hosting setup and supported technologies
  • Annex B: AUB Domain registration guide
  • Annex C: MOET trademark registration forms
  • LBDR A: Domain Registration Request
  • LBDR E: Domain Delegation Request
  • LBDR B: Domain Submission (with Name servers)
  • Annex LB:  Sample Domain Submission (with Name servers)
  • LBDR C: Domain Contact information
  • Annex LC:  Sample Domain Contact information
  • Form A: OMSAR Official hosting request
  • Form B: OMSAR technical specification sheet
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