Website standards for the Government of Lebanon

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The Lebanese Government has always been striving to follow the latest technological trends in coveying information and services to the public. Lebanese Government websites form a major channel of information and services delivery, yet some of these websites neither hold the Lebanese Government identity nor the indentity of the governmental entity that built them and hence they can't be recognized and trusted by the public. Nonetheless, they exhibit disparate presentation of information, lack of essential components and functionalities, as well as complicated and non-uniform navigational frameworks.


Thus, the Ministry of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) has launched a project called "Website Standards for the Government of Lebanon". The main objective of this project is to enable all Lebanese Government websites to maintain a common look and feel and share a common navigational framework through the adoption and application of standard templates, tools and policies. This project is expected to promote user friendliness, high usability, citizen acceptance and adoption, and a uniform quality experience in information access and utilization of the services of the Lebanese government web presence. This project aspires to provide a set of common standards and design guidelines aiming to establish the website development expectations for the whole of the Lebanese government and public sector.

The pursued Standards and Guidelines should not obstruct the presentation of the individual identity and character of the individual government websites; nor should they limit creativity and originality in design, layout or functionalities. Each agency should still be able to tint its website with its specific colors, logos and character to sustain its personality and theme.

A special website dedicated to the "Website Standards for the Government of Lebanon" has been launched via the following URL: It contains the major project deliverables such as:

  • The standards and guidelines specifications
  • The policy document
  • The webmasters design toolkit
  • The forum, glossary and compliance wizards
  • and other relevant information


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