Afkar2.png The Civil Society Program was launched under AFKAR title (or IDEAS), in 2004.  The selection of the title was issued from the concept itself of the Program. Inspired by the ideas (or AFKAR) of the Civil Society Organizations, the Program managed by OMSAR and funded by three consecutive grants from the European Union, supported the initiatives of CSOs  in the Human Rights fields. Enhancing the commitment of civil society organizations to the concept of Good Governance, its values and practices was a major goal that is pursued at all levels, including planning, implementing, documenting, monitoring and strengthening Human Resources.
A Vision and Mission for the Civil Society Program (AFKAR) at OMSAR has been set with expectations for the future, essentially increasing the effectiveness of the advocacy for policy dialogue and the promotion of AFKAR missions. In addition, it encourages stronger partnerships to be established with local government. A better selection criteria of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) grantees and a greater coordination of CSOs working in the same field are required. The Goals of the Program are defined as well. 
"Establish an effective civil society and partnership with the public sector, capable of bringing about changes at the socio-economic and legal levels in a way that preserves Human Dignity and Rights."

"Enhance the role of civil society by supporting its Initiatives, Capacity building and Activating dialogue with the public sector, to attain a radical and sustainable change at the social, economic and legal levels in a manner that preserves the dignity of all and Human Rights."

The goals of AFKAR are the following
-    Supporting initiatives and promoting transparency , accountability and governance principles for Civil Society Organizations. 
-    Developing the Civil Society Organizations capacities in the field of management and development.
-    Promoting dialogue on policies development between the Public sector and civil society organizations and establish the concept of partnership and Networking. 
Through grant schemes, technical assistance, capacity building and dialogue workshops, AFKAR results included the implementation of 64 CSOs granted projects and more than 50  subgrants for grass root CSOs ,  more than 25 training workshops organized by the team and tens of various training sessions conducted by the granted CSOs  themselves under AFKAR III.  
Two phases of the civil society support program (AFKAR) consecutively concluded until 2010, focused on supporting the rule of law, dialogue and marginalized groups.
Starting 2010, the third phase focused on reform and development in the economic and social fields. In addition, AFKAR 3 mainly devoted to lay the foundations for dialogue and partnership between the public sectos and civil society organizations. 
Through the financial support and the accurate technical follow-up of the CSOs, the program worked to establish new approaches between the government, local authorities, private sector and civil society, supporting dialogue, partnerships and networking between the CSOs themselves on the one hand and with other sectors on the other hand. It also focused on strengthening capacities through training courses targeting both the civil society and the public sector. Besides, AFKAR team was in charge of monitoring and field evaluation of the organizations activities concerned by the aforementioned projects.

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