…A strong and active society is a prerequisite for good governance that will protect and defend the citizen rights against any abuse or violation by the public administration or the private sector…
 Strategy for the development
 And Evolution of Public Administration in Lebanon
The Civil Society Support Program (AFKAR), in the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform, aims to support civil society and strengthen the capacities of its organizations, in order to enhance their commitment to the concept , principles, values and practices of Good Governance. 
Since 2004, the support to CSOs included grant schemes, capacity building, thematic exchanges, outreach and communication. The three phases of AFKAR laid the path to the establishment of a practical partnership and networking, between the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) themselves, and to the strengthening of Policy Dialogue between the Public Sector and civil society.
This concept of partnership through policy dialogue is emerging from the strategy of evolution and development of Public Administration in Lebanon (2011), which urges public institutions and administrations to involve civil society organizations in discussing policies, programs and projects. Practically, the first phase of AFKAR Program joined through the support to civil society initiatives the efforts of its organization militating for the same causes. AFKAR II was directed, in the same spirit of partnership, towards creating, amending or implementing laws.  Involving civil society in public policies was a main goal for AFKAR III.

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