General Description: Automation of the Case Management at the Courts of Beirut coupled with a document management system to manage the hard copy file of the cases. The application caters for all the steps the court cases together with their movement from one court level to the other
Objective: Automation of the operations and procedures of the judicial, administrative and special courts, as well as their related administrations within the Ministry of Justice of Lebanon.  The project encompasses the definition of the specifications of the business software applications, the development and/or acquisition and customization of these applications as per the defined specifications, as well as, the deployment and implementation of these business software applications in the courts of Beirut. The courts Automation project entails the delivery of a Case Management System including a billing module, a Document Management and Archiving System, as well as business productivity applications involving collaboration, calendaring and notifications.
Beneficiary: Courts of Beirut
Source of fund: European Union Commission
Value: € 4,192,000
Achievements and deliverables: 
1.    The application is currently operational in the Civil and Penal Cassation courts, the civil appeal courts or Beirut, and the State Council.
2.    The application is electronic linked to the Ministry of Finance for generation and settlements of courts’ fees. 
3.    All automated cases are electronically linked to their attached case files
4.    Cases are electronically transferred from one Court to the other based on their legal procedures and flow
Status: Contract Closed, but support from OMSAR Operation team is still ongoing to roll out the application on the rest of the courts of Beirut and other regions.
Closing date: 1 September 2019
Publications: brochures, strategy, manuals…