Records Reparation and Micrographics For the National Civil Registry - 
Ministry of Interior and Municipalities

General Description and Background:
In 2014, OMSAR launched a project with the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities - National Civil Registry (NCR), to preserve, as permanent records, NCR’s civil records using micrographics approach (combined microfilming and digitizing). The project consisted of the proper and secure preservation, storage, and digitization of NCR records (for 14 out of the total 48 Kalams) through the following activities:

1. Reparation of registers (including reconstitution and hand copying);
2. Microfilming of registers and related supporting documents;
3. Printing copies of repaired registers; and
4. Digitizing microfilmed registers and related supporting documents.

OMSAR and the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities – General Directorate of Civil Status team have agreed to set a common approach to achieve the following goals and expected results by applying the experience gained from the previous project as summarized below:

•    Security: Microfilmed records will be duplicated and stored in secure off-site storage, allowing recovery and retrieval of information in case of loss, theft, or damage.
•    File Integrity: Documents will remain in fixed locations on the film, eliminating the possibility of misfiling or alteration.
•    Storage Savings: Microfilm requires about 2 percent of the space required to store the equivalent documents in paper format. One roll of film may contain as many as 2,500 documents.
•    Duplication and Distribution: Microfilm is less expensive to duplicate and distribute than the equivalent paper records.
•    Retrieval: Digitized microfilmed records (Micro graphed) can be quickly and accurately retrieved through a set indexing scheme.
•    Durability: Microfilmed records, when properly processed and stored, can have a long-life expectancy.

Ministry of Interior and Municipalities - National Civil Registry

Source of Fund:
The Arab Fund

6,440,576.70 USD

Achievements and Deliverables:
Reconstitution 422
Hand Copying 671
Records Reparation 398
Records Binding 818
Records Microfilming 2,193 Registers - 3,400,000 Supporting Documents
Records Digitization and Indexing 2,193 Registers - 3,400,000 Supporting Documents
Software Indexing software
Hardware 4 Microfilming equipment
Staff Training 85 Employees

Project Implementation done and accepted.
Currently in the Warranty period. 

Closing date:
Project Implementation closure was in June 2019.