Software solutions, workflow, document management systems and specialized applications.

Source of Fund: Arab Fund and EU
Contract Value: $14,700,000 (Grant: 5,019,000 Loan: 9,686,000)
Achievements, Milestones, Deliverables:
- 40 Applications and workflow systems
- Scanning and digitization of national heritage documents includeing for Port of Beirut, National Archives, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.
Out of which since 2015: (5,019,000 USD: Grant: 5,019,000; Loan: 0)
 - applications and workflow systems at MOJ (courts Automation), TB, MPET & other
Status:  OMSAR delivered and completed 33 applications out of which 55% (18) are in actual use.  Currently 7 applications are under development.
Many of these applications provide basis for e-services and digital transformation.