Data Centers, Infrastructure, Hardware and Connectivity for Courts Automation

General Description: Data Center and Disaster Recovery Center fully furnished and equipped based on international standards. The project included but not limited to storages, servers, computers, various security appliances, networks, WANs, printers and associated equipment furnished to the pilot courts.
Objective: Full-fledged hosting environment for the automation of the operations and procedures of the judicial, administrative and special courts at the Higher Judiciary Council, as well as their related administrations within the Ministry of Justice of Lebanon.
Beneficiary:  Ministry of Justice - Higher judiciary Council
Data Center, Local Area Network Layout

Disaster Recovery Center, Local Area Network Layout

Source of fund: EU
Value:  € 3,461,733
Achievements and deliverables:
•    The main data center and the disaster recovery center are operational;
•    Currently, both data centers support the courts of Beirut, Jdeideh and Jounieh;
•    All needed equipment are distributed to Beirut, Jdeideh and Jounieh courts.
Status: Completed – Contract Closed
Closing date:  July 24, 2020