General Description: Furnishing Government Entities with data centers, hardware and infrastructure 
Objective: Enhancing IT environments and increasing productivity in the public administration that is quite a good base for a digital transformation program
Beneficiary: Ministries and Public Agencies
Source of Fund: Arab Fund and EU
Value: $14,900,000 (Grant: $3,588,000, Loan: $11,312,000)
Achievements and Deliverables: 
•    11 Data centers at Presidential palace, Prime Minister's Office, MOET, MOI, CDR, MOJ, Urban Planning, Water authority of Beirut ..etc
•    5050 PCs and peripherals 
•    320 servers
•    2,380 printers
•    600 scanners
•    70 photocopiers
•    655 notebooks
Out of which since 2015 (7,790,000 USD: Grant: 3,588,000;  Loan: 4,202,000)
Status: Completed – Contracts Closed