With the increased attention to PP reform in Lebanon, OMSAR continues to play is role in coordinating and facilitating such reform jointly with competent entities in Lebanon, namely the Tender Board, Court of Accounts, Council for Development and Reconstruction, Ministry of Finance and its Institute of Finance – Basel Fuleihan and other. 

OMSAR is dedicated to ensure that the PP transformation is not only aligned with international good practice, but also that it is attainable, efficient, effective and robust. The PP transformation process cannot be replicated through copying; instead, it should be custom designed in a manner that resolves the vast amount of problems daunting such a system in Lebanon. Cooperation with international organizations, civil society, national specialists as well as practitioners, scholars, academics in this field are of paramount importance. 

In this regard, OMSAR will continues to be the hub for such a transformation and will solicit funding for the implementation- jointly with other stakeholders-  of all necessary systems, measures, standards, processes, etc. with e-procurement being the primary objective.
Type of Activity: Support the modernization of PP in Lebanon in collaboration with all stakeholders and across the following fronts: legal, capacity building, guidance, enhancing integrity, awareness and electronic procurement
Status: April-20
Achievements, Millstones, Deliverables Status
14 advanced courses developed and 1,600 trainees were trained along with 20 trainers from the civil service selected for continuous training Courses are being continued with own resources (trainers) and funding from donors for venue and logistics
Other courses from the Masterplan can be developed and rolled-out and transformed to e-courses
Standard Bidding Documents and templates were developed jointly with stakeholders for all procurement procedures and translated to Arabic and published SBD's are being piloted by OMSAR and other public entities and are undergoing continuous enhancement and offer a valuable tool for rolling out 
e-procurement platform designed and developed covering the full procurement cycle jointly with the TB The platform is now owned by the government, will be piloted by OMSAR and can be rolled out to all other public entities
Integrity guidelines developed and Code of ethics prepared, printed and published Code of Ethics pending endorsement of CoM for rollout and Integrity guidelines under translation for dissemination